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Year 1 Home Reading for Parents
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Welcome to our website...

Albany Creek State School is a vibrant Independent Public School committed to providing a supportive, caring and challenging learning environments that maximises achievements for all students.

Our students are encouraged by their enthusiastic and committed parents, by our experienced, cohesive and dedicated staff and by their peers and student leaders who contribute significantly to maintaining a pleasant, friendly and rewarding learning environment.

At Albany Creek State School parents, staff and students are valued. We promote the genuine involvement of parents, caregivers and volunteers in the learning process and take pride in celebrating our achievements.

Together we strive to:

  • Provide an attractive and well resourced environment;
  • Communicate high expectations for student and staff achievements;
  • Develop curriculum programs that reflect School and Education Queensland priorities ;
  • Provide access to state of the art information communication technologies;
  • Report regularly and comprehensively on student progress, and;
  • Deliver the leadership required to ensure that Albany Creek State School maintains it place and reputation as a great school.             

As Principal, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our School Community and to extend to you an open invitation to learn more about our:

  • Curriculum programs
  • School culture
  • Vision for the future; and
  • School achievements

    Paul Kingston ~ Principal


Community News

We need to take pride in our commitment to and support for the Youngcare project. It was very pleasing to see our students take an active role in the opening of the complex, to be provided with a guided tour of the facilities and to lead the walk from the complex to Albany Creek State School.

In coming months, we will open our doors to the residents of the complex extending them invitations to attend school functions, musical presentations and sporting events. There will be opportunities for our musicians to host performances at the Youngcare complex.

The comments and reflections of our student leaders shared on assembly helped us to develop an appreciation of the need for and importance of this complex.

The young care facility was built so that people of a young age with disabilities can live a life like you and me. Without the facility they would have to live in a retirement home and they may only see their friends and family 3 times a year.

In the Youngcare facility, there are 12 units, most are for disabled people and 3 are for anyone who wants to rent a unit. In each unit, all electronics such as lights, curtains and equipment can be controlled by a single iPad.

There is a special bedroom for people in wheel chairs. There are specialized beds in their apartments and there is a special piece of electronic equipment hanging from the roof which is a kind of harness strap that goes around a person’s waist and lifts them out of their beds and helps them to sit in their wheelchairs.

Not only are there special bedrooms for disabled people, but there are low cut sinks for them too so they can be independent.

By visiting the facility, we learnt how serious either a brain injury or just having a disability can be. If it happens, it can change a person’s whole life.

Sadly, young people with disabilities are often sent to a nursing home.

By Ella and Tia

It was highly commendable to see our entire school assembly on the oval and then walk for Youngcare. Well done ACSS… you raised $910.


The Spellathon is a P&C Association initiative to provide educational resources to enhance the learning of the Albany Creek State School students.  The Spellathon is implemented by the teaching staff. Early next week students will bring home a sponshorsip form and their list of words to learn

In week 7, commencing 29 May 2017, students from:

  • Prep will recognise a range of words and numbers;
  • Year 1 will spell 25 words;
  • Years 2-3 will spell 50 words; and
  • Years 4-6 will spell 100 words.

The sponsor may opt to allocate an amount per word spelt correctly or nominate an amount as a donation.    After testing, the student will present their card as a certification as to the number of words spelt correctly.  The student collects the donation and returns it to the school as soon as possible with both the form and money.  The staff commend this project to you and thank you for your support.

Mr David Hamilton is without a doubt a ‘World Class’ puppeteer. His performance for the Prep students and teachers did not disappoint. The students were totally enthralled by the extensive variety of puppets, the engaging dialogue and musical talents demonstrated by Mr Hamilton. The prep classes will draw on Mr Hamilton’s presentation skills as they themselves present an oral retell of a favourite story later this term. It is pleasure to welcome Mr Hamilton back to Albany Creek State School each year. Our students loved interacting with the beautiful and different styles of puppets.

Applications for out of catchment enrolments for Prep placements in 2018 have opened. Preference must be given to in-catchment enrolments. It is most important for parents and caregivers who reside within the catchment to complete enrolment forms for Prep 2018 as soon as possible. Once we are confident that all in-catchment enrolments have been completed, we can commence a staged process to accept out of catchment enrolments. This carefully managed process will continue until our capacity for prep enrolments is close to capacity. We seek your full support to complete enrolment forms for Prep 2018 as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the P&C via our facebook page (Albany Creek SS P&C) or email: pandc@albacrees.eq.edu.au.

To find out more about our P&C please download our latest brochure.

The P&C have a Facebook page ALBANY CREEK SS P&C. Keep up with the latest, connect with other ACSS families and watch out for our competitions to be a winner.

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