2018 Student Resource Scheme /
Curriculum Activity Books


Parents/Caregivers are directly responsible for providing students with the supply of basic stationary eg. Exercise books, pens pencils etc and other resources for the student’s use while attending school (as per the School Booklist).

As a service to assist parents/caregivers with the cost of these education resources, the school has decided to operate a Student Resource Scheme.

By operating a Student Resources Scheme, it allows the school to deliver a high quality curriculum to all students and includes:

Class workbooks and teacher prepared materials which compliment and/or substitute for textbooks. (Curriculum Activity Books).

resourcebooksWe want the best for all our students and if everyone pays the fee, then all students are able to access the same high quality resources at the cheapest possible cost.

This fee used to be collected by P & C. The school will now be collecting this fee. At the end of February, all families will receive a letter explaining in more detail about the Student Resource Scheme, along with a Participation Agreement Form, which will need to be completed and returned to the school office. 

All SRS forms need to be returned to the school office by 9th March. After this date, all parents/caregivers will be invoiced for the SRS.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.


                     Download a 2018 Book and Stationery Supplies form
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