Responsible Behaviour Program

'Introducing Buzza the Bee'

Buzza The Bee

Please discuss ‘Buzza” and what Buzza says.  Each week details will be included in the Creek Weekly to highlight the specific behaviours that the teachers will be explicitly teaching.

1st December

How proud are we of our latest recipients? Our prep students were particularly excited and couldn’t resist the opportunity to give their parents and caregivers a wave. It is important to remember the Buzza passports carry over into 2018. Students will be reminded that Buzza stickers awarded this year work towards their next level of recognition in 2018.

            Buzza Awards

24th November

It was fitting that Mr Robertson presented the Buzza awards. The students took pride in knowing that that they received their awards from such a special guest on what was truly a memorable day for all members of the school community. Congratulations students, incorporating the presentation of awards into the farewell for Mr Robertson made us extra proud of your special achievements. Please see the current newsletter for further details.

                           Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

Congratulations to this week's Buzza Learners. This week on Junior assembly we had much to celebrate. As always there were plenty of Buzza certificates awarded to hard working students for very specific learning achievements. Next week will be our last Junior assembly for 2017. We hope you can join us for another afternoon of celebrating learning at Albany Creek. We also had a very special presentation from some of our lucky students who visited the Apple store at Chermside this week. Students used their Ipads and coding skills to programme Sphero robots to drive down the middel of Grayson Hall and then across the stage.



17th November

Congratulations to this week's Buzza Award winners! We may be at the end of week 7, but the junior school students aren't showing any signs of slowing down just yet! Teachers and students know that everyday counts, so we plan on doing our very best right up until the very last day of school! On Junior Assembly we spoke about resilience. We talked about what it looks like and how we can build it by always looking on the bright side, and keeping our heads up high in the face of challenges. Albany Creek State School kids are resilient kids.


10th November

Congratulations to or most recent recipients. It was very pleasing to see so many of our enthusiastic Prep students welcomed to the stage and acknowledged for their pleasing behaviours.

Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

Congratulations to this week's Buzza Learners. It is always an honour and a priviledge to present students with certificates for very specific learning achievements. This week on junior assembly we talked about how we can make new friends and keep ones we already have.

                                       Junior Assembly Buzza Awards

3rd November 2017

Congratulations to our most recent recipients. It is important for students to remember that their Buzza Passport carries over to the new academic year. Buzza stickers achieved this year carry forward to next year so students can strive for their next Buzza level of acknowledgement.

Buzza Awards13th October 2017

Presenting each of these students with an acknowledgement of their responsible behaviours is very important. As a community, we have embraced our Responsible Behaviour Program so effectively that we share a common language that encourages and commends all students to be Learners who are Respectful, Responsible and Safe. This is a significant community achievement.

Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

This week we celebrated our first Junior assembly for the term with many Buzza awards. We also took time to reflect on what it means to be a learner, safe, responsible and respectful. A reminder there will be no Junior assembly next Monday due to the pupil free day.


                                         Junior Assembly Buzza


6th October 2017

Buzza Awards

15th September 2017

Thank you students for making us proud. We know that you have been working for many months to be rewarded for your pleasing and responsible behaviour. Well Done!!!

               Buzza Awards

1st September 2017

The colour and excitement that was associated with the Book Week parade did not detract from the pride felt as our latest Buzza 90 recipients were presented with their medallions. Listening to many of the deserving recipients share what they have been doing for almost four years to be awarded their medallion was an engaging experience. Our students take very seriously the importance of being Respectful, Responsible, Safe and active learners. Our recipients of Buzza Certificates and badges were equally excited about their presentations and have set their sights on being presented with a Buzza 90 medallion.



25th August 2017

Congratulations to the students who are the winners for this week.

             Buzza Awards

11th August 2017

Congratulations to this weeks Buzza learners!!  This week we talked about some of the ways we can all be great students at Albany Creek.

Buzza Awards Buzza Awards

4th August 2017

It is very pleasing to see that our junior school students are being awarded Buzza Certificates.

Every week we have students coming to us to share how close they are to being presented with a certificate, badge or medallion. Even more impressive is that the students can articulate what they have done to be awarded Buzza stickers and what they are continuing to do to reach their next Buzza milestone.

Junior Assembly

Congratulations to this weeks Buzza Learners. This week on junior assembly we watched a pep talk video from "Kid President". He talked about how everyone is always watching everybody else. Which means everybody in the world is a teacher and a learner. He also asked a very good question, "if we are all teachers, what are you teaching the world?". We all agreed that at Albany Creek State School, we teach each other, the community and the world how to be safe, responsible, respectful and a learner.

     Buzza Awards     Buzza Awards

28th July 2017

The commitment of students and staff to the Buzza Reponsible Behaviour Program is stronger than ever as evidenced by the eagerness of the students to be acknowledged for their very commendable behaviours.

Mr Manns is secretly finalising plans for a special 150 Buzza stickers acknowledgement. Special passports are being issued to students who have reached the 90 Buzza sticker milestone.

Our most recent and very deserving recipients are:


21st July 2017

More proud and excited Buzza recipients were acknowledged by the entire student body. It is a powerful celebration of achievement as each student is commended and applauded by the their peers, teachers, teacher aides, parents and caregivers.

We are planning for what will be a suitable token of recognition for students who reach the 150 Buzza milestone.

                       Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

Congratulations to this weeks Buzza Learners!!! This week on junior assembly we talked about Courage. "Courage is bravery in the face of fear. You do the right thing even when it is hard or scary. When you are courageous, you don’t give up. You try new things. You admit mistakes. Courage is the strength in your heart". I takes courage to be a Buzza Learner. Students at Albany Creek demonstrate courage every day. Mr Kingston shared a rececent example of Albany Creek student who demonstrated courage by choosing not to engage in the inappropriate behaviour of friends. Sometimes it takes courage to say "No". One of our brave year 3 students recently demonstrated outstanding courage. He led the Brisbane Broncos onto Suncorp Stadium last night for their clash with the Bulldogs!! Caleb was lucky enough to lead the team out in front of thousands of football fans. Well done Caleb, maybe you will do it again one day as the captain of the Broncos!

This week we also recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of our year 2 Super Workers club. These dedicated students have been working independently at home and school completing additional projects related to the unit of work the class is studying. Well done!!!

Buzza Awards             Buzza Awards

16th July 2017

Congratulations to our latest Buzza recipients. It is inspiring to see how the students are striving to reach each of the milestones that are part of this highly successful responsible behaviour program. Mr Manns is working with the Leadership Team to identify what will be a suitable acknowledgment for students who are striving to secure 150 Buzza stickers.

                       Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

This week on Junior Assembly we talked about commitment. One of our amazing year 2 students was able to read the following definition without any preparation.  

"Commitment is caring deeply about something or someone. It is deciding carefully what you want to do, then giving it 100%, holding nothing back. You give your all to a friendship, a task, or something you believe in. You finish what you start. You keep your promises".

Congratulations to students who recieved a Buzza certificate for their hard work this week. A recognition of their commitment to learning.

                     Buzza awards



9th June 2017

The presentation of any Buzza award at either a Junior School or Senior School Assembly is a privilege. This week at the full school assembly we presented students with Buzza Certificates, Buzza Badges and Buzza Medallions. At the assembly for junior school students we presented an impressive number of students with Buzza Awards.  Congratulations to each of the students who was a recipient of a Buzza presentation. Special commendations are extended to the students who were presented with their Buzza 90 Medallions by Mr Mander, Member for Everton.

At Albany Creek we are very fortunate to have such a supportive school community. It is important to acknowledge the work of parents and caregivers who continue to make every possible effort to support and to reinforce the values that our school community holds as important in the overall development of our students.





21st April

Congratulations to our latest Buzza recipients who were acknowledged on assembly earlier this week. Each and every day provides us with opportunities to encourage the students to be respectful, responsible, safe and to be active learners. 

45 Badges: Kayden, Jessica, Benjamin, Kai, Ella, Jeremy, Leilani and Noah.

15 Certificates: Mason, Amari, Ciana, Eli, Levi, Seth and Jordan.

                         Buzza Awards

26th March

BuzzaCongratulations to Luke, Emma, Christina, Lily, Courtney, Laura, Jessica and Isaac.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to Mr Duncan Robertson, Deputy Principal for presenting our Term 1 Buzza 90 recipients with their special medallion. Mr Robertson was instrumental in the development of our highly successful Positive Behaviour Management Program which has been affectionally termed Buzza.

The success of our Responsible Behaviour Program has exceeded expectations and we thank these students for their contribution to this success. These are the students that help to make our school the great school that it is.  They create the positive and respectful climate and continue to be great role models for all of our students.

We concluded the assembly with a celebatory morning tea with our medallion recepients, their parents and caregivers, the members of the leadership team and invited guests.

When a student is presented with a Buzza Award, Buzza Badge or Buzza 90 Award details are entered into the Positive Behaviour section of their OneSchool portfolio.

Thank you Luke, Emma, Christina, Lily, Courtney, Laura, Jessica and Isaac for always being responsible, being respectful, being safe and being learners.

17th March

Congratulations to our Buzza recipients for being recognised for demonstrating commendable behaviours and for showing a genuine commitment to learning. It is always a pleasure to acknowledge students and to share their achievements with the entire school.

Thank you to parents, caregivers and teachers for the guidance that continues to make a significant difference to the tone and good order of Albany Creek State School.

Buzza Awards


Buzza Awards

                                            Buzza Awards

Congratulations to all the students who received Buzza Awards this week. Great job! This week we talked about how to deal with anger. We decided that getting angry was something that happened to everyone from time to time. Getting angry can make us feel very hot like a volcano is building up inside us. When we feel like this there are some things we can do to calm ourselves.

10th March

Buzza Awards

This week on assembly we identified 10 ways to be great students.

1. Come to school every day

2. Have your school supplies ready          

3. Organise your resources                                                 

4. Pay attention in class

5. Complete your work on time

6. Follow directions

7. Ask for help when you need it

8. Actively participate in all class activities

9. Follow the school rules

10. Always try to do your best


3rd March

Buzza Awards


Buzza Awards

Junior Assembly

Junior AssemblyThis week on assembly we talked about what it means to be a learner. Buzza tells us we need to be learners at Albany Creek, but what exactly does that mean? We also discussed who is a learner at Albany Creek. Clearly the students in the photo to the left are learners, but who else? We all agreed that Mr Kingston is a learner and so are teachers, Mums and Dads and Nans and Pops too. We are all learners at Albany Creek! We never stop learning no matter how old we get. We are learners when we:

  • Concentrate
  • Do your best
  • Ask if having difficulties
  • Be organised
  • Be focused
  • Keep on task


24th February

Congratulations students, you continue to make us proud by your actions. It is a pleasure to acknowledge your achievements. Well Done! Your parents and caregivers share the pride.

Buzza Awards


Buzza Awards


Junior Assembly

A big thank you to Mrs Jefferies for playing the piano at junior assembly this week!! Congratulations to all the students who received a Buzza certificate this week. This week we talked about how to safely, respectfully and responsibly access the school toilets.






17th February

            Buzza Awards


10th February

Congratulations to those students who recieved Buzza awards on junior assembly this week. The large amount of students who recieve achievement awards each week is an acknowledgment of your childrens hard work and the quality teaching and learning practices at Albany Creek.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  This week on junior assembly we talked about another one of Buzza's rules: Be Respectful

There are 3 ways we show respect at Albany Creek.

  1. We show respect for places. Not only our school, but  our homes and in the community. We make sure we but our litter in the bin and we don't run through the gardens.
  2. We show respect for things. We look after the resources we use at school and we look after our own things and anything we borrow.
  3. We show respect for people. We know that respect is not just for teachers and school staff. We show respect to our Mums, Dads and Caregivers. We show respect to other students and adults in our community. When talking with other children we show respect through use of kind words.

We also make sure we respect ourselves.

Congratulations to those students who received Buzza Awards and Badges this week!

Buzza Awards



Buzza Awards


3rd February

Congratulations to the students who were acknowledged on assembly this week.

Buzza 45 awards

The junior and full school assemblies provide us with opportunities to reinforce the fundamental values of our responsible behaviour program. Assemblies are significant teachable moments supported by visual presentations, role plays, feel good stories and celebrations of students’ achievements to guide our students to be:



Safe; and



Junior Assembly

Our first junior assembly for 2017 and Albany Creek students are already recieving awards for outstanding achievements!  Congratulations to those students who recieved awards this week, and congratulations to all our prep children and their teachers for the commendable behaviour demonstrated on assembly.

In addition to celebrating student achievments, we started to talk about the 4 school rules:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Learner.

This week we highlighted being safe, and what that looks like at Albany Creek. Over the coming weeks we will address each of the school rules and provide examples.

           Junior Assembly




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