Year 6 Canberra/Sydney Tour 2017

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At the War Memorial on Tuesday afternoon, we will be attending the Last Post Ceremony at 4.45pm. This can be seen at the following address:

The link goes live each day (ACT time) and will then be available later in the month on the webpage. This is a great opportunity to see our students while we are right there in Canberra.



Itinerary Booklet

Final Arrangements - letter dated 31st March

2017 Sydney Canberra Trip deposit letter dated 25th January

Where To Go At the Airport

The Year 6 study tour to Sydney/Canberra is planned for June and it is time to start getting excited. This trip to two of our state capital cities is always a highlight for the students. The places visited and the first-hand knowledge and experiences gained relate directly to our English, Humanities and Science curricula. The trip itself is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop further their social skills of self-reliance, co-operation and responsibility.

We will be flying in and out of Sydney and will be met at the airport by our buses and tour guides ready for five packed days of fun and educational activities.

Please refer to the Forms & Downloads section above for details about the trip, costings etc.

This year, as in the past, we have received financial assistance from the Federal Government as part of their Parliament and Civics Education Rebate Scheme. This assistance comes in the form of a $60 subsidy per child. This amount will be deducted from the final payment.

The visit by our Year 6 students to our National Capital is one of the highlights of their academic experiences at Albany Creek State School. While in Canberra the students visit many marvellous venues and attractions of national significance.

They learn about the workings of the Australian democratic system of government and are provided with practical exposure to the electoral system. The students witness scientific phenomena, participate in cultural and sporting spectacles, enjoy a variety of social activities and experience the wonders of Canberra by night from the heights of Black Mountain Tower.

The trip to Canberra is an exciting part of the diversity of memorable learning experiences provided by the dedicated Year Six Team.

Many of our students have parents who attended Albany Creek State School. Our former students take great pride in recollecting their experiences when they travelled to the national capital. For our current student leaders, the excursion to Canberra will no doubt be the highlight of their many and varied experiences as a student of Albany Creek State School and they too will share their memories for years to come.

We intend to keep the school community up to date with the latest happenings while the students are in Canberra. We invite you to visit the Canberra Updates page (available via a link on the website's homepage once the tour is underway) on a daily basis for the latest updates and photos.

Canberra    Canberra



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