Student Support

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Guidance Services
The professional services of guidance officers attached to Education Queensland are available to the school.  When particular learning needs become apparent and teachers require specialised assistance, guidance officers are consulted. For this to occur, the consent of parents is required. In some cases special arrangements are made for students to be taught by learning support teachers or other specialist staff.


A School Chaplain is placed in the school at the request of a committee consisting of representatives from school administration, parents and local churches. Our School Chaplain works with and compliments existing school support services including those provided by the Guidance Officer, providing counselling, pastoral care and support for students and staff.

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Defence Force Transition Aide
The DFTA provides support to children of the Australian Defence Force members and their families, particularly during their transition into and out of school on posting.  The position was created as it was recognised that some children experience difficulties academically and socially each time they moved school.  The DFTA has introduced a range of programs to support defence families and to help them settle into their new surroundings.  Albany Creek State School is proud of its strong commitment to the Australian Defence Forces. 

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