Values & Beliefs Statement




As a school community we will endeavour to promote a variety of intellectual, social, emotional and physical values.


  • To cater for individual needs to afford all students the opportunity to realise their academic potential through the design of relevant, inclusive, flexible, intellectually challenging and innovative learning experiences and assessment strategies;
  • To encourage a desire for learning;
  • To motivate students to strive for learning independence;
  • To present knowledge that can be used and applied;
  • To provide a variety of useful, problem-solving strategies for a changing and challenging environment;
  • To foster critical thinking skills;
  • To encourage the development of creativity;
  • To encourage students to achieve academic excellence;
  • To foster an environment that embraces Information Technology.


  • To encourage students to achieve a high standard of behaviour and appearance;
  • To encourage the practice of desirable social interaction;
  • To develop in our students responsible character traits;
  • To emphasise common courtesies;
  • To develop students’ skills for meaningful interpersonal relationships;
  • To enable students to develop positive interaction with the environment and working across generation share and develop new blends of skills and knowledge.



  • To assist students in developing a positive self concept;
  • To encourage students’ acceptance of responsibility;
  • To promote assertive attitudes;
  • To enable students to appreciate the feelings and sensitivities of others;
  • To help students strive for and achieve personal excellence.



  • To promote desirable attitudes towards health and physical development being mindful of the school motto – A sound mind in a sound body.



We believe the quality outcomes within our school will be achieved by making learning experiences:-

  • Active rather than passive;
  • Child oriented;
  • Guided by systemic, school and community expectations;
  • Structured to allow full pupil participation;
  • Varied;
  • Based on the "democratic" model stated by Gordon M. A. Mork (available at school).

We believe the quality outcomes within our school will be achieved by selecting content which is:-

  • Designed to cater for individual needs;
  • Related to objectives and expectations;
  • Within the child's ability;
  • Socially oriented;
  • Aimed at fostering desirable behaviour;
  • Structured to address perceived inequalities related to gender/class/ethnicity or disability;
  • Designed to develop critical thinking skills.

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